“At the current time, I’m pleased to bring my expertise to the Westchester community. I specialize in adjustment support for individuals transitioning through difficult changes that affect lifestyle, quality of life, and those closest to you. Psychology Life Well is here to cushion your tough transition with optimized care and a newly enhanced psychological disposition.
Your care is of utmost importance to me, and I have the ability to enlist a wide variety of treatments in the work we do. I have extensive experience in CBT, biofeedback, and virtual reality techniques, as well as in utilizing all sources of support, including family members, caregivers, teachers, physicians, dentists, physical therapists, nutritionists, skin care professionals, yoga and pilates instructors, to connect you with your path to living Life Well.” – Dr. Michele Barton, PhD

Dr. Michele Barton, PhD, is a licensed NYS Psychologist that graduated from SUNY Purchase College with a BA in Psychology and a postbaccalaureate certificate in Biological Science. Her graduate work began at Columbia Teachers College counseling psychology master’s program, and moved to a master’s and PhD program at Yeshiva University, where sge graduated with a degree in Clinical Health Psychology. As a graduate student, she was a research partner in the Department of Medical Genetics in the New York State Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University Medical Center, where she completed my doctoral thesis. She has experience supporting many diverse populations from the Lincoln Hospital Psychiatric Unit in the South Bronx, the Hudson Valley VA System, the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem, to group private practice in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

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